Welcome to Bemer!

I have had the pleasure of both using and sharing this fabulous healing and health tool.  I use it for both the horses and the humans in my life (and soon to include the small animals!)

Bemer uses a patented PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) to enhance the circulation of the microcirculatory system.  Only when there is circulation are nutrients moved to the tissues and toxins removed.  There are many benefits to the Bemer system for healing and training and recovery.  It is also extremely user friendly and easy to use and clean.  Plus…the ponies LOVE it!
I am able to provide treatments, human and equine rental units and if you love it like I do I can set you up with your very own unit!For more information you can  contact me through this site or visit BEMER Dallas Grubenmann.  Contact me today for a demo!