The power of learning in a comfortable welcoming environment.  Wether you are striving to ride in sport or just improve your relationship with your recreational mount we can help you achieve your goals (or help you set them).

We offer Lessons with your horse or with one of our lovely lesson ponies. There are programs to join and we have fun barn activities planned throughout the year.

We also offer outdoor boarding with heated arena use including a tack locker.


Dallas Grubenmann has 30 years of teaching experience.
A bit about her:

  • start in Pony club at age 10  and later achieved  C1 level
  • started teaching the smaller kids in the Pony Club
  • went on to Olds College achieving her Diploma in Equine sciences
  • gained experience Eventing and Assistant Coaching in Arizona
  • an EC Registered coach with a focus on Pony Club and lower level Eventing
  • volunteers with the local and regional Pony Club
  • enjoys helping her Western students with their dry work
  • has fun with her recreational students and enjoys helping them gain confidence
  • has dabbled in various sports such as cattle penning/sorting, polo crosse,  mounted games and skijoring just for some fun cross training
  • owns and operates Pferde Traum Farm with the help of her 4 kids.
  • breeds New Forest Ponies and volunteers as Registrar of the NFPSNA

We do have guest Instructors including Lindsey Fraser-Loose of Two Hearts One Beat Horsemanship.  Lindsey’s focus is on Natural Horsemanship and Liberty work.  Contact : (780)619-8019

Guest Instructors have their own price list and often make use of our super lesson horses.


Meet the lesson ponies:

Jelly Bean:

JB is a 1999 model and probably our most famous pony.  He has helped countless kids (and a few adults) catch the riding ‘bug’.  He is amazing at reading kids and teaches them perseverance.  Famous for giving them their first canter only when HE feels they are ready and often unexpectedly.  He just seems to know.  He started out as a pony just for my kids and now he can never leave.   Worth his weight on diamonds!!




Raven is a great pony for those with a little more confidence.  She teaches the kids to be determined.  She is also one of the resident Mounted Games ponies.  She is best suited to the lower levels but has attended Pony Club Nationals as a PPG mount. Many of our students have learned their mounted games vault on her.  She also very much enjoys cookies!!



Kali’s Irish Fire:

Kali is a 13.2hh Connemara cross.  She is a down to business pony not caring for cuddles she likes to get straight to work.  She does beginner lessons up to jumping 2’6″.  She has done mounted games but prefers jumping and field rides.  She has taken my daughter to the winners circle at Pony Club Regionals and participated in Pony Club National mounted games competition (called PPG).  She is a valued pony here.



Bug is the sweetest big fluff on the farm.  He is a pure bred Canadian horse with a heart of gold.  He is our newest addition and we just love him.  He is very well trained and knows lots of things but also thinks it best to conserve his energy.  He really enjoys trail rides and of course…COOKIES!!!  We brought him in for some of our taller and adult riders to enjoy.






Occasional Lesson Horses



Lily is a 13.2hh New Forest Pony owned by my daughter.  She is primarily a mounted games pony but can jump up to 2′.  She gets pulled in for the students ready for a little more speed.  She enjoys trail riding, games, skijoring and chasing cows.






Copper is a 13.1hh New Forest Pony.  He is still a bit green and is on our sale page but he has such a wonderful personality we have brought him in for lesson on occasion.  He is a super guy and enjoys mounted games, jumping and riding down the road.






Batman is a super sweet and quiet horse.  He is 15.1hh and 1/2 New Forest Pony.  I have used him for cows, jumping, polo cross and skijoring.  Even did a roping clinic with him where he was a super star.  He is patient and kind. Love him to bits.